• Hello, BOM

    Bill of Material – simply & fast without spreadsheet chaos

  • Collective development of engineering processes, communication & implementation

  • We build the structure of your product – capable to communicate with everybody in the project

As fast as spreatsheets and faster

Spread sheet are everywhere in engineering Organizations – for product structure management, design & prototyp BOM’s, target tracking (QCT).

Unfortunately everybody updates his own spreadsheet.

We have a simpler, better solution. We use Arena PLM.

Engineering Processes that you will love

Development of accorded processes, communication and make that to your own – that’s our excellence! Not for fat handbooks and decorating walls.
We support you and we not force you into mega projects.

Product Development = Transparency * Communication

Introverted product development doesn’t work today.

Transparency about status of development multiplied by communication speeds you up to success.

We build this backbone for you and leverage your data

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 to cloud plm? to engineering process development? or at the service of the engineering backbone?